Brainstorm pack


You can access and download a collection of nine available editions of the Brainstorm e-magazine.(These magazines have been Free to access for more than a decde and you can still find them somewhere! but if you want to donate some bucks or download some cool antique PDFs please go for it)
Within each edition, you’ll find a diverse range of text and artwork contributed by various underground artists and activists from across the world, spanning 30 to 70 pages.


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What exactly is Brainstorm Magazine?
Brainstorm Magazine stands as a pivotal publication in the realm of the underground, with its roots tracing back to the creative minds behind Kolahstudio. During its inception (2003-2004), the initial three issues of the E-Zine were exclusively distributed as Flash files on Mini CDs. Transitioning to the online realm in 2006, Brainstorm Magazine adopted the PDF format, marking a pioneering move in the Iranian underground art scene. Positioned as one of the earliest and most influential conduits of its kind, it emerged as a beacon of the Underground Art Magazine movement in the Middle East. At its core, Brainstorm Magazine tirelessly endeavored to champion subcultural freedom and unfettered expression, achieved through collaborative endeavors with international artists and activists.